Karaoke Car in Vinnytsia Takes Songs for Payment

13 жовтня 2019 15:30:22    

When Olha, a Vinnytsia resident, called for a taxi, she didn’t imagine that she would be paying for the trip with a song.

“It’s not just a taxi, but a karaoke cab. I’m inviting you to sing a song,” karaoke taxi driver Andriy Turko said.

Without thinking twice, the young lady agreed. She picked up the microphone and sang her favorite song along with the taxi driver.

With the outbreak of war in the Donbas, Turko moved from the Luhansk region. At first, in Vinnytsia, the father of four children took up any work he could find. He started working as a taxi driver and then he came up with the idea to create a karaoke taxi.

“I had a car equipped with music gear. I made it for myself. We connected it to a guitar and microphones. And then just moved to some squares to sing,” Turko said.

Now, in the karaoke taxi, there are all the necessities for singing.

“This is a mixing console, designed for mixing the sound of a microphone and the sound of an audio track,” Turko said, showing the console.


During music trips, the driver uses a headphone microphone. A mini-concert with singing passengers is filmed by a video camera. With their permission, Turko posts it to his YouTube channel.

The number of karaoke taxi passengers is increasing every day. Everyone wants to have a trip for free. Meanwhile, the most talented in singing get a paid award from the taxi driver himself.


“If they sing so well that I like it. I just get goosebumps. If I have it, I pay them according to the counter,” Turko said.

Inspired by the talents of his passengers, Turko plans to arrange karaoke battles among schoolchildren. He is also considering organizing a musical competition at the all-Ukrainian level.

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